Rainboom {Cowl}

knit cowl pattern

With Nymphalis published as a follow up to Canterlot, I thought I should have a cowl to go with the hat and mitts, and really I was just desperate to use the lace cuff design from Canterlot again. I came up with a cowl that had several possible variations, the first was size. It comes in a drapey smaller size and a larger size that can be looped 2-3 times or worn in a long infinity scarf style. It also offers a garter edging for those that didn’t love the lacey edging as much as me.

I wound up knitting mine in a beautiful blue with lots of large speckled pops of rainbow colors, which inspired me to give in a name that reflected not just the colors of the cowl, but it sort of just *went with* the name of Canterlot, neverminding the fact that Nymphalis didn’t follow that same naming convention.

You can get Rainboom here on Ravelry or here on Payhip.

Shown here is my lovely husband showing off the original sample of this cowl. I think he really pulls off the blue.

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