Nymphalis {Hat}

hat knit pattern

After publishing Canterlot, the first fingerless mitts pattern I designed, I wanted to make a matching hat using the little butterfly stitch that was featured all over the mitts. When I knit my first version of it, I’d miscalculated my gauge and accidentally made it too small for my head and ended up giving it to my daughter and knitting a second one for myself and for the pattern, forgetting about the first one.

After struggling with a name for this hat for several days, my young daughter and I were getting ready to go for a walk and she’d chosen her orange butterfly hat to wear out. Immediately the knit fabric of that particular yarn reminded me of tortoiseshell butterflies. I quickly did some research and found the scientific name for tortoiseshells was called Nymphalis and I settled on the name for this hat. Even more exciting, when my best friend test knit this hat for me, she happened to have a matching skein and knit it in one of the adult sizes to fit her Mom!

You can get Nymphalis here on Ravelry or here on Payhip.

Shown here is Ruth modeling Nymphalis in the original colorway!

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