Gills {Socks}

sock knit pattern

Gills is what happened to me when I was knitting a large lace panel and I particularly enjoy the rhythmic of feeling of a few rows of particular four stitch repeat of the larger piece. I took this snippet and threw it into a sock that was initially going to just be a plain sock for myself. After knitting the socks for myself I realized I loved the stitch pattern so much I needed to reknit it with a not so pooling yarn and publish it.

I love the addition of ribbing around the ankle bit, to add a bit of extra stretch and compression there and I wrote in a slightly modified version of my favorite slipped stitch heel. I will admit I caught my first case of “second sock syndrome” with this sock, because the official version didn’t get a mate yet, as I’d already knit three whole socks with this pattern and I couldn’t be bothered to cast on the second one yet. Soon, I’m sure!

You can get Gills here on Ravelry.

Did you know that a blocked and dried sock will perfectly stick to the natural brick outside my back door, just for a minute or so? Gravity left us alone with plenty of time to get fun pictures of this sock hanging on to the side of my house with nothing but a partnership of sock and brick textures.

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