Crazy Sails {Hat}

knit hat pattern

I was test knitting a children’s cardigan when I came across a stitch pattern that I really liked but couldn’t help but mess up every time it came to the “do the thing” row, because I kept feeling like if I just did two small things, the stitch pattern would look more cool and have a similar overall effect. As soon as I finished the cardigan, I started swatching ways to change up the stitch pattern and give it a little more movement.

I came up with the stitch pattern that I put in this hat, and I love the way that it just moves from the brim ribbing right into the pattern. These little triangular shapes shift back and forth and it made me think of those pictures of sailboat races where all the boats are all close together and the horizon is nothing but sails, which gave me the idea for the name. This hat is super stretchy and fits lots of adult head sizes with varying amounts of ease.

You can get Crazy Sails here on Ravelry or here on Payhip.

Shown here is one of my best friends modeling their finished hats which they knit with yarn that I hand dyed for them. If you visit the Ravelry page for this pattern, you’ll see several other images, including the original off white lightly speckled hat that I knit, which lended to the sail-look.

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